The warning of father Salvatore:
“Go further than the others”
– Il Mattino di Salerno

Angri. Diodato Mercurio, the today owner of the company along with his brother Gerardo and his son Salvatore, has a son – Fabio who is the Manager in China. A Master from Ceibs, the Shangai University created as a joint venture between China and Europe, Fabio, today 35 years old, is the principal in Shangai for A.T.Kearney, a global management consulting firm.

Father Diodato chose another path at the beginning, that of a teacher, but alongside the old passion, one that was born thanks to “violent love” after smelling lead as a child when he visited his father in the printing and learned to correct the proofreads. This way he began to divide his time between classes -in the morning- and the graphic arts –in the afternoon- with betting on a car to take him throughout the south to show potential customers their hand-made work, even before the arrival of the linotype.



To guarantee our customers the efficiency and accuracy of the production process in each phase, as well as a final result of absolute excellence, we have achieved the most prestigious certifications.

Certified Company
Fogra PSO ISO 12647-2

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