Offset and Roto Offset Printing

Offset and Roto Offset Printing 

Verification and control tools can assure our customers for a quality printing. X-Rite Intellitrax Spectrophotometer for the printed offset and in line Quadtech Spectrophotometer for the roto offset Goss 48 pages for the automatic correction of the printing and the tonal curves according to the norm ISO 12647 first Alwan system in the world on a web offset makes it possible to measure the current print job and to correct any deviations in color according to the specifications in ISO 12647-2.


-Roto Offset:

  • Goss Sunday 4000 Roto Offset 48 pages
  • Goss Sunday 2000 Roto Offset 24 pages



  • Heidelberg SpeedMaster XL 106 Offset Piana 8 colors + 1 lacquering
  • Heidelberg SpeedMaster XL 105 Offset Piana 7 colors + 2 lacquering with Foilstar group



To guarantee our customers the efficiency and accuracy of the production process in each phase, as well as a final result of absolute excellence, we have achieved the most prestigious certifications.

Certified Company
Fogra PSO ISO 12647-2