Printing of a valuable volume for Editalia

In the month of February 2012, Grafiche Mercurio has finished printing a valuable volume for Editalia, Gruppo Istituto Plografico e Zecca dello Stato over special paper Sirio Stucco of Cartiere Fedrigoni, Verona.

With the editorial and iconographic coordination of Cecilia Sica, the graphic project, the layout and the technical coordination of Daniela Tiburtini, collaborated pagination and image processing from Fabrizio Midei and Valentina Longhi. The drafting was made by Eva Cerquetelli and Manuela Maggi, editorial and communication ID-Cultura , the iconography of Laura Orbicciani and reproduction are performed by GraficaPuntoPrint of Rome. The overhanging cover reproduces a detail of the lira 1 to 1915, has been coined on a coated silver plate made by hand by Picchiani and Barlacchi. Surveys and silver impressions of Bookbinding Imag. Cava de Tirreni (SA).



To guarantee our customers the efficiency and accuracy of the production process in each phase, as well as a final result of absolute excellence, we have achieved the most prestigious certifications.

Certified Company
Fogra PSO ISO 12647-2

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