This is a popular phrase we used for an our communication campaign: “Quanno ‘o stampatore è bono se venne senza fresca”. It means when a printer is good in doing his job, success comes without any trappings.

Our work This virtual portfolio, in which we have summed up a small part of our work, can help you to understand better than words can explain what it is that we do and how we do it, in the hope that the images can stimulate your curiosity and the desire to discover what can we do for you.

Printing of a valuable volume for Editalia 

In the month of February 2012, Grafiche Mercurio has finished printing a valuable volume for Editalia, Gruppo Istituto Plografico e Zecca dello Stato over special paper Sirio Stucco of […]


To guarantee our customers the efficiency and accuracy of the production process in each phase, as well as a final result of absolute excellence, we have achieved the most prestigious certifications.

Certified Company
Fogra PSO ISO 12647-2