Grafiche Mercurio in the convention of Legambiente (League for the Environment) “Sustainability: meeting field between Distribution and Printing”

Angri, January 21st, 2012 – Grafiche Mercurio SpA, one of the most competitive industries of graphic arts, has decided to support the conference sponsored by Legambiente “Sustainability: meeting ground between Distribution and Printing”, that will be held next February 7th in Milan at the Columns Rooms (Sala Colonne) of the BPM, with the objective of photographing the relationship between GDO and enterprises in a sustainable way.

The company that works for over 40 years with major chains of the GDO meeting their needs in terms of speed, efficiency and quality in production, makes of itself a spokesman of the need to create an effective synergy between the worlds of distribution and printing through the creation of an integrated sustainable supply chain, in order to be able to offer the consumers concrete and sustainable solutions.

With this in mind, Grafiche Mercurio has integrated the objectives underpinning the conference with the aim of contributing to the creation of a culture in an industry that is increasingly becoming essential and strategic for every reality that the market faces.


To guarantee our customers the efficiency and accuracy of the production process in each phase, as well as a final result of absolute excellence, we have achieved the most prestigious certifications.

Certified Company
Fogra PSO ISO 12647-2

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