Grafiche Mercurio

Salvatore Mercurio 

Commercial Director

Although I am a “son of the arts”, I came to the position of Sales Manager of Grafiche Mercurio following a personal and professional path away from the automatic devices that snap into many printing shops with family management.

The graphic arts have been a constant presence in my life since early childhood. Although the decisions of taking care of the family company matured during university. I realized that becoming a lawyer and accountant was not something that I wanted, and instead, the work in the printing shop represented a passion as well as the area where I could fulfill myself.

Once in the company, I chose to start from the workers’ tasks to learn “first-hand” about all the technical, operative, and commercial aspects of the graphic art. Today, although the commitments required by the company and the market competition absorb a great part of my days, I can say that I am happy to have found my path in here. Going through with passion and constant commitment.

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