Grafiche Mercurio

Gerardo Mercurio 

Technical Director and Co-Owner

Ever since I finished high school, when I worked as an apprentice in the workshop of my father to fix the lead characters of the Lynotype machine, printing has been my life: a unique example of the inseparable fusion of passion and work.

My rhythm of life and my most valuable memories are bound to Grafiche Mercurio, where day after day I create my own destiny next to my brother Diodato and my family, pondering every decision with attention and dedicating all of my free time to the development of new ideas and to attending to details.

If I look at my life, I find myself much in the family company, serene and solid in its simplicity: without regrets, because each and every step has been built with the work of everyone. Of the rest, I cannot be dissatisfied with my life because I find myself saying: he who has something to do does not have the time to cry.

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