Grafiche Mercurio

Diodato Mercurio 

Owner, Managing Director

I can say that I have breathed the smell of the ink, lead characters and the printing machine lubricants from a very young age, as I could find something to do in the small printing shop my father which opened with great sacrifices.

I became a professor of Letters, and I have continued to split my time between teaching, working in the printing shop, and my family, right until I stopped being able to completely dedicate myself to the company’s administration. In that moment I had to take charge, in accordance with my siblings and family, of the extremely challenging assessments and choices not only for the fate of the company.

If I could go back in time, I would do everything the same way because I had the fortune of building something and making a profession of something that I love and that after all these years, makes me still passionate about taking on new challenges. 

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