Grafiche Mercurio

Who we are

Who we are

“For three generations, much more than printers”

“The story of Grafiche Mercurio started in the sixties, when with a pinch of innocence and plenty determination, our father decided to found on his own the San Gerardo Printing in honor of San Gerardo Maiella, to whom all our family is devoted.

At the beginning , it was nothing but a small artisanal shop like many other printers present in the area between Naples and Salerno, where lead and wood characters were used along with printing machines with hand pointing.

Over the years, we have faced many challenges and invested in advanced machinery and technologies, being always convinced that speed, capability, technologic innovation, and service quality are fundamental to satisfy all of the exigencies of our customers, from those of the modern Great Distribution to those of agricultural and commercial companies.

But there is more: in our company, we consider technology to be at the service of passion because for us there are values of history, family, and excellence that make a difference. In fact, without these fundamentals and artisanal passion that we always keep intact, the production potential of the installations and the most advanced technology is reduced to very little. Aiming towards the future without forgetting the past.”
(Diodato Mercurio, or professor)



The great tradition of Grafiche Mercurio, the innovations that the company has introduced over the years and the certifications received, told in a browsable publication:
The art of printing from 1962
Grafiche Mercurio introduces itself with an illustrative video of their activities

Introduction of Grafiche Mercurio

The introduction brochure of Grafiche Mercurio
Brochure of Grafiche Mercurio